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Sunday 1st Apr 2018      03:02:30

Tantra Massage in London

Massage is a deep arena that one might delve for years into without discovering the bottom. That is because the world of massage is not only incredibly ancient and storied but always growing. It is vital to furthering physical and mental comfort, and one of its richest elements is Tantra.

Defined in Berlin in the late 1970s, Tantra is a form of bodily relaxation modernising traditional Eastern massage techniques with scientific and therapeutic input. Led by Andro Andreas Rothe, Tantra added to massage concepts with varied elements of yoga, bioenergetics and sexual therapy. The results were outstanding and Tantra’s global following has since grown organically.

Elevate One’s Energy with WINKS’ Pinnacle of Tantra

The masterminds behind the serene design of the WINKS Massage draw on many elements of Tantra, which is undoubtedly one reason that more affluent visitors and residents regard WINKS as the pinnacle nude massage London has to offer than any other. Guided by WINKS’ attentive mix of serene music, scented candles and mood lighting prepared by one’s masseuse at the start of the session, one may in spirit leave the familiar settings of their home or hotel, and be transported across Goa’s dreamy beaches, the Himalayas’ highest peaks, or the birthplace of Tantra itself – the Cashmere valley’s lotus lakes.

In tantra, it can be said that the provider of the massage is not the provider and the receiver is not the receiver. Channelling of the body’s core energies into an all-powerful singular release is the crux of the tantra massage. Depending on the understanding of the one delivering the massage, which in the case of WINKS’ selection is unchallenged, the roles of provider and receiver come together in a blurred union, a meshing of souls to provide both parties with inexplicable spiritual gratification.

Every one of WINKS London’s masseuses is devoted to channelling this understanding to the utmost, ensuring that clients begin the WINKS London Tantra experience as one person yet exit as another, younger, fresher, happier individual.

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