Code of Conduct for Clients

WINKS London are proud to provide our esteemed Clients with the world’s highest quality personal service, from wonderful naturist massages to naturally talented stunning masseuses. To further enhance your WINKS London Experience and for your uncompromised benefit, we kindly ask you observe the following Code of Conduct for Clients during a WINKS Massage:

1. Every WINKS Massage is a distinctive sensual experience to be passively RECEIVED and enjoyed. Leave all the work to the masseuse.

2. Respect the masseuse personal boundaries at all times, which means no fondling or groping.

3. WINKS Masseuses are specially skilled career professionals. They are NOT ESCORTS, nor can they be expected to provide any sexual services. We ask EACH CLIENT to remember their professional standing at all times, avoiding soliciting or seeking extra services (NO INTERCOURSE, NO SEXUAL RELATIONS OF ANY NATURE). To avoid all doubt, WINKS Masseuses are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO CARRY OUT OR ACCEPT PAYMENT FOR SEXUAL SERVICES DURING CLIENT ENGAGEMENT.

4. Every WINKS Massage is an extremely intimate experience. Therefore, please pay attention to personal and intimate hygiene, washing completely just prior to the masseuse arrival. Perfect hygiene makes a perfect massage, as the masseuse will be able to perform a fuller massage for your greatest enjoyment.

WINKS London have a rigorous policy with regard to Client misconduct. We politely request ALL CLIENTS, existing and new, to be fully aware of the importance of maintaining a PERFECT RECORD FOR BEHAVIOUR AND HYGIENE to benefit from unlimited access to our services, as many advanced massages in our Collection are uniquely available by invitation to select Clients with a spotless record.

WINKS London unequivocally request ALL CLIENTS to abide to, and respect the boundaries set forth under Terms of Service. Any behaviour breaching these agreed Terms will result in an immediate and permanent ban from our services.

X Please call +44 779 889 0224 (NO TXT / NO SMS) if you are experiencing difficulties getting through due to recent UK-wide phone disruptions affecting some +966 and +971 country codes.

Thank you.