Visit Big Ben to Augment Your Quintessential London Experience

Thursday 26th Apr 2018      23:16:18

Big Ben

London is not lacking when it comes to recognisable landmarks yet few if any command such worldwide reverence and intrigue as Big Ben, the clock tower that accents the Houses of Parliament and capital skyline alike.

Known officially as the Elizabeth Tower, Big Ben represents to many Britain’s undying resolve and has rung to such patriotic tunes since 1859. One might be intrigued to learn that interior access is not available to tourists. However, British citizens may write to their local MP to be granted a special interior tour.

It is a unique attraction, one that many revere from the exterior and pass by below in admiration of its grandeur, yet few enter. Those who do are privy to a sensation of unmatched privilege, and leave Big Ben with a memory that is sure to remain at the peak of their reflections for the rest of their days.

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