London’s Sensory Institution

Tuesday 6th Sep 2016      23:01:02

The allure of London is as distinctive as it is unique; at once macabre and luxuriant, enthralling yet infused with an inherent menace. It is a city like no other, and its greatest appeal is that whatever it may be that you desire to discover, London will always be more than happy to provide.

England’s capital is home to some of the world’s most exclusive and opulent destinations. The Ritz, The Ivy, The Royal Opera House, the Royal Albert Hall; all are known and revered the world over, and all are regarded as London institutions.

But when it comes to attaining a more personal touch, specifically indulging in and embracing the pleasures of touch, there is one destination that truly stands out from the crowd.

WINKS London will transport you to a land beyond fantasy; a place where sensory pleasure is limited only by your imagination’s creativity and the depth of your deepest longings. A touch can be at once calming and soothing, and a WINKS London sensual massage will ensure you experience everything that you desire.

While your body is caressed, sculpted and transformed by WINKS London’s flawless masseuse, masters in the art of seductive touch, you’ll feel all pressures melt from your body. Close your eyes and find yourself enveloped by wisps of richly-scented candle smoke and exotic oils that will guide you from one tactile experience to the next. Be transported away from the stresses of daily life and sink into a world of sensory pleasure.

Massage is a complex talent to conquer, but at WINKS London you will be treated only by the world’s finest, most accomplished, most stunningly beautiful masseuse.

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Thank you.