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100% pure WINKS

 The Lovers and Couples WINKS Massage

Pleasure à Deux …




Enormously popular with our Clients who just long to introduce their lover to the breathtaking pleasures of WINKS Massage London and to revel in the discovery of an inimitable complicit sensuality, the Lovers and Couples Massage is the moment to enjoy the exquisite rewards of open-minded trust and cultivated sensual refinement.

A most amazingly satisfying experience of exquisitely synchronic stimulation and simultaneous bliss created by the virtuoso touch of two sublime Masseuses, the Lovers WINKS Massage will become a treasure in your collection of shared intimate occasions.

We have from the beginning escaped the embarrassing conundrum of ordinary shared massages (where one masseuse must do the impossible between two recipients) by crafting a bespoke luxury performance by two Masseuses, progressing with leisurely serenity to augment every aspect of your magnificent sensory indulgence. From the first promise of a ritualistic setting to the rapture of the final touches, the Lovers WINKS Massage is an outstandingly memorable experience of bountiful intimate pleasure for two, generously shared, not divided, with each of you savouring the complete attention of at least one Masseuse at every ecstatic moment… Intimacy transformed.


WINKS London use a unique unscented, hypoallergenic, stain-free massage oil formula, along with smokeless incense and candles.

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