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100% pure WINKS

The Double Classic WINKS Massage






An intensely opulent sensorial indulgence, the Double Classic WINKS Massage is our most wanted experience of extreme satisfaction and breathtaking excitement.

Celebrated by the knowledgeable naturist massage lovers for defining the ultimate aspiration for all luxury four-hand naturist exotic massages, the Double Classic WINKS Massage defies belief with its visual splendour, tactile power and incomparably satisfying release.

An oneiric succession of ecstatic movement, executed in the nude by sublime Masseuses deliberately trained in the art of commanding your pleasure, essential to the Double Classic WINKS Massage, this shamelessly heady creation will hypnotise and engulf you with redoubled seduction to sensorial surrender. Superbly matched to offset one another to perfect your visual pleasure, and subtly sensitive to the sensual pulse of music, they revel in a conspiracy to tease your pleasure as they perform their intoxicating magic. Once could never be enough.

(*) The Enhanced Leisure Massage – ELM

A targeted response to mental and bodily stress, the ELM emerged as the indispensable prelude to the total enjoyment of the exhilarating intimacy of our Massages. This purposeful creation has gained a loyal following among our Clients as an essential complement to the WINKS Massage Experience.



WINKS London use a unique unscented, hypoallergenic, stain-free massage oil formula, along with smokeless incense and candles.

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