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100% pure WINKS

 Tantra by WINKS London Massage

Only by Exclusive Invitation




WINKS Massage London are delighted to bring an amazing invitation to the metaphysically inclined hedonist…

A mystical initiation into the rituals of sensual exploration of consciousness, the TANTRA by WINKS Massage offers you to re-enact the legendary quest for enlightenment, guided by your Masseuse in exquisite pristine nudity, as you embrace the unknown forces of your intimate chakra, the venerable power that reconciled the sexual and the spiritual nature to reach the transcendent joy of enlightenment.

A multifarious sensorial phenomenon worlds apart from simply a tantric massage, the TANTRA by WINKS Massage lights your passage to spiritual revelation with the insightful splendour of ancient practices, to disclose their unique and delightful relevance to your very own quest, to your amazed rapture. Painstakingly reconstructing the practices of worship and meditation, traditionally invoked to attain the deepest energy flow between Woman and Man, Tantra Massage rekindles the sleeping chakras, opening to your senses an infinite bounty of celestial bliss.

Entrancing Peace…


This massage is offered by exclusive invitation only to select Clients holding a perfect hygiene and behaviour record, as well as a minimum of five WINKS Massages in the previous three months.

WINKS London use a unique unscented, hypoallergenic, stain-free massage oil formula, along with smokeless incense and candles.

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