The World’s Finest Automobiles at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show

Thursday 15th Mar 2018      18:10:58

Geneva Motor Show

Few events are better-known than the Geneva Motor Show, the indisputable gem of the world of motoring exhibitions. Held each March in the Swiss city of Geneva, this is the one motoring industry expo that simply everyone attends.

2018 sees the 88th annual edition take place with the major theme being electric vehicles. This is the unbeatable attraction for the world’s most successful and attuned professional and amateur motoring appreciators, with world- and European-first exhibits of concept cars by Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Porsche, and production vehicles by Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, BMW, Masterati, Brabus, and Rolls-Royce. These play a minute part in the Geneva Motor Show’s smorgasbord of the very greatest and latest in car technology.

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