Relax in a way like never before…

Saturday 3rd Sep 2016      19:01:43

Whether you’re a London local or just passing though, the hectic pace of life in the world’s premier metropolis can leave you feeling in need of a release, a haven to escape to and a beautiful woman to greet you.

Massage is a fantastic way to heal the body and the soul, but some places can leave you longing for a deeper, firmer or more sensual feeling. WINKS London will ensure you feel comfortable in an instant, and you’ll be attended to by a stunning goddess who’ll linger in your mind for days after your exotic experience.

WINKS London will transform your surroundings into an oasis of tangible rejuvenation. The hint of inviting scents will help to immerse you in a friendly, inviting, new world where you’ll feel your muscles loosen under the firm, slender fingers of your masseuse. As you absorb the gentle sounds of the hypnotic music, you’ll start to feel the soft curves of your masseuse against you for the ultimate skin on skin, breathtaking massage experience.

As your mind clears and your bodies glide together, you’ll be transported to a feeling of tantric ecstasy, you can let your whole body react naturally to the warm, flawless flesh and the talented touch that your masseuse will bestow upon you.

Aromatic candles and elegant oils are designed to heighten your experience, with the art of massage, irresistible fragrances and the sensuous touch of heavenly skin coming together to provoke an unparalleled sensation, akin to an out of body encounter. Watch from up on high as your masseuse enables you to achieve a higher state of being and sensuality.

Embrace mankind’s natural state and release yourself to the corporeal sensation that a WINKS London massage is guaranteed to bestow.

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Thank you.