Paint the City Red at London’s 2018 Art Fair

Tuesday 16th Jan 2018      17:50:12

London Art Fair

The London Art Fair returns to the capital this year for its monumental 30th anniversary. From 17th to 21st January, this prestigious event will see London descended upon by a who’s who of the art world.

It is a fantastic reason to visit the capital – no matter how refined one’s artistic knowledge may be – for it is the perfect time to experience London in one of its most bubbling, scintillating forms. Enjoy auctions, viewings, panels with artists, critics, and every other sort of industry expert, and much more.

The event is regarded worldwide for its collections of modern and contemporary art to challenge any world-leading exhibition; combining showings at the capital’s leading British and international galleries, as well as curated Art Projects and enthralling movements like Photo50, the London Art Fair rolls out the global art calendar in true London style.

Paint a sensual masterpiece with WINKS

Without doubt, the London Art Fair is one of the world’s best places to see the man’s most beautiful creations – yet where does one search once the gallery closes for the evening and the taste for serene sights has not been entirely quenched?

The naked massages offered by the gallery of WINKS London goddesses are one such portal into the heady world of true beauty, with each of WINKS’ refined, intelligent mistresses collated carefully by the minds behind WINKS. The result is the provision to the capital’s most affluent, successful, and open-minded visitors with bespoke sensory experiences that will never be forgotten and often renewed.

Discover the power of the sensual massage crafted by WINKS London’s masters of nude touch and revered by visitors worldwide. The bespoke pressures applied by each goddess to a client’s form in their knowing, kneading manner is the true crux of the WINKS tantric understanding, the connection between subject and artist that is the soulful rendition of any excellent piece of art.

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