Illuminate your London Visit at Lumiere 2018

Wednesday 17th Jan 2018      13:53:50

Since 2009 in nearby Durham, the Lumiere festival has brought the people of Britain and the world around an experience that is every bit as different as it is spectacular. Now, in its biggest, brightest and boldest rendition to date, the Lumiere festival is back on the streets of London from 18th to 21st January.

Extravagant arenas known worldwide – this year, the six festival areas are King’s Cross, Fitzrovia, the West End, Mayfair, Westminster & Victoria, and South Bank & Waterloo – erupt with untold levels of beautiful colour and bring over one million visitors from around the world to see the globe’s most stylish capital lit up.

The ethos of Lumiere is to transform the city around its inhabitants and change the way that they regard and interact with their public spaces. It opens the minds of those who visit and stays with them for years to come, a valuable experience for both lifelong locals and first-time tourists.

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