Celebrate Chinese New Year 2018 As London Comes To Life This February

Sunday 11th Feb 2018      18:38:48

chinese new year

Hundreds of thousands of Chinese and tourists alike will head to famous spots throughout London on 16th February to celebrate 2018’s Year of the Dog, as the capital city continues to host the biggest Chinese New Year celebrations outside of Asia. “Xin Nian Kuai Le!” is Mandarin for “Happy New Year!”, a wish one will hear spread warmly throughout the city at this wonderful time.

With street parties taking place across Trafalgar Square, the West End and, of course, Chinatown, it is so simple and also free to dip into the crowds and become part of the joy. The iconic Chinese New Year parades feature magnificent lion and dragon dances, accompanied by rousing traditional music that spreads throughout the city.

Taste wonderful cuisine with hundreds of restaurants offering special New Year menus. And as the parades march their fill, look upward in anticipation of the fireworks displays that will begin to ring out across the skyline.

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